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Mobile Boom Concrete Pump

Mobile Boom Concrete Pump

Wet ready mixed concrete is discharged from a concrete truckmixer into a hopper on a concrete pump. The concrete is then drawn into the pump, and then forced out again along a pipe. This pipe is either fixed to a hydraulically operated boom, (this machine is then called a "Boom Pump") or along a pipe laid along the ground (this is then called a "Ground Line").

Concrete is then continuously poured into the hopper, along the pipe and out the other end until there is sufficient quantity at the job site.

Our boom pumps are usually used on larger construction sites as they can pump large amounts of concrete quickly and efficiently, and even very slowly. Mobile boom pumps have outputs of up to 160 cubic meters per hour (3-4 minutes for 6 cubic meters of concrete).

These pumps can reach over and under obstacles ie; buildings and houses. This is by far the best way to place concrete in foundations and awkward sites, check out the gallery. They are the most cost effective method of pumping concrete to a specific area in bulk.

Moli Pump or Line Pump

Moli Pump, Line Pump

The commonly used mobile line pump, or Moli pump, was designed to transport concrete to places that are inaccessible by the standard ready mix trucks. What these Moli pumps do is replace the use of wheel barrows moving concrete from the truck to construction site. This also decreases the amount of the work force needed, which minimises the cost for each day as well as finishing a job in much less time.

The Moli pump is attached to a 7.5 tonne truck and has long manoeuvrable hoses. These are where the concrete is pumped through. This machine also has a water supply for washing down, and can be washed out in a wheelbarrow without problem.

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